Scarlet Letter Guilt Essay

Chlorinating might have known something like what Hester did would have happened eventually.After all, Chlorinating was much too old and unattractive for a puns woman like Hester to feel anything worth making the relationship work. ‘” (Hawthorne 1 51) He felt less guilt than the other characters, however, he was the one who caused the most misery.She faces such punishment as public humiliation from wearing the symbol ‘A’ as to represent her crime, dealing Ninth the physical outcome of her crime, and most painful, having to live with what she had done.

She feels guilty as it is, placing a burden on Pearl’s life, for Peal is branded as the child of an adulterer, all of this resulting from Hester ‘passionate sin’. Ere minister Timescale is greatly affected by the weight of guilt he carries with him everyday of his proceeding life.

Since his sin is unknown to society, there is not a public crowd to look down upon him, but one Roger Chlorinating who lives Just to torture Timescale.

In the end, it is the guilt that kills him, not any public humiliation.

One may look at Roger Chlorinating, Hester husband, and see no guilt within him.

Even though it was out of his hands, Chlorinating also feels a bit bad about leaving Hester as he did for so long. Although Pearl, Hester daughter, does not directly suffer such guilt because she is the only innocent character in the novel, she does suffer from her mother’s guilt and sinful actions.

He may feel that he could have been a catalyst in what happened, however, Chlorinating was not about to let others who contributed to it UN away freely. He may feel guilty for becoming so evil, however, he blames it on Hester and Damselfly’s actions, and does not feel he should change his ways. Because Pearl is dubbed an evil being as an illegitimate child, she suffers much public ridicule and humiliation.

During the second scaffold scene, Reverend Timescale ventured out In the night to the scaffold in seek of forgiveness from God.

He hoped to reveal himself to the public, however “No eye could see him, save that ever-wakeful one which had seen him in his closet, wielding the bloody scourge. ” (129) Resulting with the burden of guilt still upon his soul, his sin Is not revealed which Is why the second scaffold scene represents concealment of sin.

Hester thoughts as she stands before the public are described at the end of the second chapter. She clutched the child so fiercely to her breast, that it sent forth a cry; she turned her eyes downward at the scarlet letter, and even touched it with her finger, to assure herself that the Infant and the shame were real. By the time the second scaffold scene approaches, seven years later, the reader should know that Hester ‘partner in crime’ is the minister Arthur Timescale.

Thus far in the novel, Timescale has kept his sin a secret from society.


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