Scarface Critical Essay

Any list of classic movies for men would be incomplete without an appearance from Brian De Palma's "Scarface." The film gives life to one of the most ruthless characters in movie history, Cuban refugee, Tony Montana.Scarface is an powerful story about greed, loyalty, triumph, tragedy, and guns. Scarface, an remake of the 1932 classic, is stylish and may be the most vicious film about the American underworld like Coppola's "Godfather." But, in almost every ways the two films are totally different.De Palma takes ten minutes shy of three hours to tell a story that took the 1932 version 90 minutes to cover. Brian De Palma was also fortunate to have talented John A. Alonzo's talents were very useful in those scenes in which expensive and flashy clothes, cars, houses and beautiful women strike powerful contrast with the ultimately dark subject and plot of the film.

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Usually, these men were often portrayed as heartless individuals, who became successful thanks to their willingness to become murderers and thieves.

Although these characters were in many ways callous criminals, they were also appealing and relatable because of their experiences in urban America.

He also claim that Fidel Castro sent thousands and thousands of his convicts to America in 1980 to take revenge.

I'm not sure that it's true, but I just think it's a pure Oliver Stone touch.

After a bad business deal and an argument over Elvira, Lopez attempts to have Tony killed. Elivira has progressively become a zombie-like drug addict, and Tony's money is not earning the interest it should be.

However, Tony eliminates Lopez, and becomes the most powerful drug lord in Florida. Pacino goes way over the top, and that pretty well describes the arc of his character and his performance.

This Al Pacino masterpiece still continues to thrive because of its exceptional performances, gripping storyline and compelling script.

Scarface is an undeniably effective, visceral masterpiece.

Truly great films endure because they appeal to past, present and future generations, and this one is no different.

So, Scarface is an important vehicle for understanding the ever-changing conceptions of "America," the American dream, illegal drugs, and the criminal.


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