Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Thesis

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy Thesis-90
In Ga N thin films and In Ga N / Ga N quantum wells (QW) for light emitting diodes are the second major topic.

In Ga N thin films and In Ga N / Ga N quantum wells (QW) for light emitting diodes are the second major topic.Low-dose Z-contrast STEM, PACBED, and EDS on In Ga N QW LED structures grown by metal organic chemical vapor phase deposition show no evidence for nanoscale composition variations, contradicting previous reports.

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Das Ziel der vorliegenden Arbeit ist es, ein besseres Verständnis der Struktur und Zusammensetzung dieser Defekte sowie ihrer Entwicklung während des CIGS-Wachstums zu erlangen.

Die höchste Effizienz für CIGS-Solarzellen wird erreicht, wenn der CIGS-Absorber in einem dreistufigen Koverdampfungsprozess hergestellt wird.

Such recombination processes may occur at line or planar defects present in the CIGS absorbers (among other interfaces, such as absorber and buffer layer).

In the present study, the structure and composition of several defects as well as their evolution during the growth were investigated for an enhanced understanding.

Empa's Electron Microscopy Center located in Dübendorf offers electron microscopy services to internal and external R&D partners.

The center conducts forefront research in the development and application of new electron microscopy techniques in materials science and acts as a consulting unit for electron microscopy in materials science.

However, a new extended defect in Ga N and In Ga N was discovered.

The defect consists of a faceted pyramid-shaped void that produces a threading dislocation along the [0001] growth direction, and is likely caused by carbon contamination during growth.

grain growth and defect annihilation, thus enabling higher conversion efficiencies.

Therefore, it is crucial to investigate the recrystallization and the evolution of the microstructure at the second-stage of the CIGS growth.


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