Sara Problem Solving Model

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The monthly Young Heroes award teases out inspirational stories from the community with nominations coming from schools, parents and police.The winner is presented with a trophy, certificate and gift voucher presented by the Neighbourhood Inspector.

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In developing a response plan: -Consideration should be given to the 10 principles and 25 techniques of crime prevention.

As part of your delivery plan you must ensure that mechanisms are in place to evaluate the effectiveness against achieving your objectives once the response is carried out.

POP places a high value on new responses of a preventative nature that are not dependant on the criminal justice system and that engage other partner agencies, the community and the private sector.

Their involvement has the potential to significantly contribute to the reduction of the problem.

The team, in Peterlee, introduced the Young Heroes event which honours people under 18 who have done something positive in their community.

They created a Peterlee Community Garden and secured £70,000 worth of funding from Peterlee Town Council for sustainable youth provision.

Response A response plan should be based on the analysis carried out.

The response plan will define what action is going to be taken to solve the problem.

You must document failed responses, this shows lessons have been learnt and allows others to avoid using failed responses in the future.

Numerous examples of joint agency problem solving initiatives are showcased with an overall winner announced.


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