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The unit also includes a packet to send home to parents with the same recipe you used in the classroom!Download this free apple art and recipe activity here.

This can be done in the classroom (you can cut up different kinds of apples to vary the describing words that students will use), or you can send it home for homework!

Make an apple slice toast to Johnny Appleseed to honor all his hard work! Combine your reading comprehension and social studies lessons with this fun short story about Johnny Appleseed!

These projects look great as fall décor in the classroom!

Once children have designed their own paper apples, you can make applesauce with the included recipe!

Ever thought about how apple slices turn brown when they’re left out?

What if there was a way to keep them looking fresh? This fun experiment tests which solutions can keep apples looking pale and yummy!It is very hard to try and do all these assessments when you haven't even finished teaching students how to do the Daily 5.So what they heck am I supposed to have these students do when I HAVE to get these assessments done in our two week window?Apples are my favorite fruit, and I eagerly welcome any and all apple-themed activities.My class was lucky enough to go to an apple orchard on a field trip in fourth grade (I highly recommend this if you have an orchard near you!), and we used some of the apples we picked for the class activities I’m going to share with you today!Be sure to get your FREE apple-themed activities in the links below. Whether you have hand-picked apples from the orchard or fresh produce from the grocery store, this activity is fun for all grade levels and can be incorporated into engaging learning opportunities.Today was the start of week 2 for this school year!I am already slammed for getting the reading assessments started!This activity includes a fun apple art activity and writing prompts for three different writing levels.Kindergarteners to second graders will love coloring and writing their own apple shape book!


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