Sample Emergency Action Plan For Small Business

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Any business with more than 10 onsite employees is likely to require an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), but what happens when your company has multiple locations?

Why should these plan be a priority and how do you confirm compliance for each location?

Each plan should identify site-specific actions by employers, employees, or other building occupants to ensure safety from fire emergencies and other potentially devastating scenarios.

If government regulations are applicable to your facilities or operations, your enterprise must prioritize compliance and associated management techniques in order to minimize financial burdens resulting from fines, negative public perceptions, and potential government mandated shutdown of operations.

In order to minimize non-compliance, owners should identify potential emergency scenarios and necessary site-specific safety measures, including those required in OSHA’s EAP.

A comprehensive response planning system should identify the resources required to effectively manage potential hazards, document necessary response actions, and fulfill multiple compliance mandates.Most incidents are short-lived and can be brought under control rather quickly when prepared planning is prioritized.Responses to these incidents are typically tactical in nature.Response plan regulations are often specific to operational hazards, inherent threats, or incident-specific response needs.Companies should not limit response planning to simple fire emergencies, but consider an all-hazard, inclusive approach in preparedness.However, compliance efforts and compliance tracking software programs are often less expensive than agency fines.By confirming regulatory compliance, companies can deliberately protect lives, prevent hazardous impacts, limit property damage, and eliminate increasing regulatory fines.If you have a small staff and the size of your site is easily manageable, developing a comprehensive emergency action plan for one location may not be a difficult task.However, ensuring compliant and site-specific emergency action plans for multiple locations and an exponential number of employees can be a challenge.Upgrading to web-based response planning software will enable each location across an enterprise to; For most companies, a visit from an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspector in 2017 can be a stressful scenario.Until recently, non-compliance fines were minimal for non-serious violations.


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