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The second segment of the population that will be targeted is competitive players.These people appreciate foosball for the same reasons as the casual players, however, this group is also quite competitive.Having this goal in his head while taking the course work proved to be quite valuable as it became a lens through which Stan studied all the new material.

They appreciate the opportunity to play a fun game while they consume beverages (alcoholic or not) and socialize with friends or strangers.

This group is growing at the annual rate of 8% with 54,889 potential customers.

Foosball Hall will not assume that this business model is static, rather, they believe that in order to improve it must be dynamic.

Target Market Customers Foosball Hall has identified two population target segments.

Sales have been forecast to be approximately $200,000 for year two, increasing to approximately $290,000 in year three.

Net profit will be negative in year one, rising to a positive % in years two and three.The game involves two to four people in an exciting match that tests skill, strategy, and willingness to have fun.People, primarily male students, play foosball as an exciting alternative to pool.The last key to success will be the constant analysis for improvement of the business model.It will be management's task to continually analyze the business model looking for ways that it can be adjusted to increase profitability for the business.The first segment is casual players of table games.This segment enjoys playing table games such as foosball or pool in a bar setting.Foosball Hall has identified several business elements that must be implemented in order to succeed in this competitive market.It is Foosball Hall's mission to become a premier night spot for Madison students and locals who are interested in playing table games and drinking.Foosball Hall will meet the unmet demand in Madison, Wisconsin with a bar offering beer, food, beverages and plenty of foosball tables for casual play as well as tournaments.Keys to Success Foosball Hall has identified three keys that will be critical for their success.


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