S For Creative Writing Students

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It also displays descriptions of courses offered by the department during the last four academic years.For information about courses offered by other Bryn Mawr departments and programs or about courses offered by Haverford and Swarthmore Colleges, please consult the Course Guides page.

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The course will cover shaping forms (such as elegy and pastoral) as well as given forms, such as the sonnet, ghazal, villanelle, etc.

Students will discuss strategies for conveying the literal meaning of a poem (e.g., through sensory description and clear, compelling language) and the concealed meaning of a text (e.g., through metaphor, imagery, meter, irony, and shifts in diction and syntax).

PREREQ for CW 326: ENGL 102; for ENGL 326: ENGL 102; for ART 326: ART 108. Students seeking graduate credit will produce a greater quantity and higher quality of original work, will have a separate and more extensive reading list, and will be expected to participate more fully in class activities. Portfolio may include other documents to use in post-college writing careers, such as cover letters and agent queries. CW 491 SENIOR PORTFOLIO IN POETRY (3-0-3)(F/S)(FF).

CW 332 FORM AND THEORY OF CREATIVE WRITING (3-0-3)(F/S). An examination of literature through the eyes of a writer, focusing on craft and technique. CW 401 ADVANCED CREATIVE NONFICTION WRITING (3-0-3)(F, S, SU). Extensive revision of previous written work in creative writing courses and creation of portfolio focused on poetry.

Students will work to discover and develop their own unique voices as they learn the technical aspects of the craft of playwriting.

S For Creative Writing Students

Short writing assignments will complement each reading assignment.

Students will consider fundamental elements of fiction and the relationship of narrative structure, style, and content, exploring these elements in their own work and in the assigned readings in order to develop an understanding of the range of possibilities open to the fiction writer.

Weekly readings and writing exercises are designed to encourage students to explore the material and styles that most interest them, and to push their fiction to a new level of craft, so that over the semester their writing becomes clearer, more controlled, and more absorbing.

CW 201 WRITING CREATIVE NONFICTION (3-0-3)(F, S, SU). Close reading of creative nonfiction texts, creative nonfiction writing exercises, and discussion of student’s original creative nonfiction in a workshop setting. Papermaking, typography, printing, binding, authorship, and contemporary bookworks will be examined on both theoretical and practical levels. May be taken for CW, ART, or ENGL credit, but not from more than one department. Students will also learn about the publishing process and how to apply effectively for graduate programs in creative writing.

Students will write original fiction and discuss it in a workshop format. A practical exploration of the history of books as conduits of meaning and as physical objects. Extensive revision of previous written work in creative writing courses and creation of portfolio focused on creative nonfiction.


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