Rwandan Genocide Essay

An estimated one-in-five ethnic Hutu men committed violence during the genocide.My own research suggests this remarkable level of popular participation may be traced in part to Rwanda’s high population density.With help from Hutu extremists, hate propaganda, sub-humanization of Tutsi, firearms, and machetes were distributed among the Hutu citizens.

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The hundreds of thousands of lives so brutally taken in Rwanda left a mark on the world’s conscience and moved us a little closer toward making “˜never again’ a credible promise.

Inaction over Rwanda moved Kofi Annan in 2001, as UN Secretary-General, to ask when intervention is ever justified.

In a landmark judgment, the Prosecutor vs Akayesu, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda recognized rape, if intended to destroy a group, as a ground for genocide.

Rwanda’s violence has also generated much research and taught us much about ethnic conflict and genocide.

Events in the Central African Republic and Syria today serve as dark reminders of each of these realities.

Rwandan Genocide Essay

Yet we would be overly cynical to think nothing has changed.

Through these elements necessary for genocide, the killing began on April 6, 1994.

Checkpoints were set up, covering the major routes and borders around Rwanda.

This was a hoax, for the Hutu government was secretly planning revenge on the Tutsi.

The revenge being planned was the extinction of the Tutsi.


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