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Maths- Add and Subtract Milestones Maths- Multiplication and Division Milestones Page 1 Maths- Multiplication and Division Milestones Page 2 “A problem is only a problem if you don’t know what to do. ” At Bowsland we teach we teach the children to problem solve using RUCSAC.

BIG MATHS: Download: Learn Its Challenges Questions Download: CLIC Challenge Questions In school, we have stopped using Going for Gold as part of everyday teaching.

However the Going for Gold challenges are still a great resource to practice times tables at home.

Growing such powerful learners has required a committed, joint approach with genuine partnerships between staff, students, families and the community.

Family support is essential for a child’s ongoing success at school.

100 is made from 100 squares which is the same as 10 sticks of 10. See the picture below: Pupils use Base 10 to represent any number.

This supports their place value skills as well as calculation.

The Years 3-6 team, through the leadership of the Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator and supported by Numeracy and Reading support teachers, provide rich opportunities for students to learn about themselves as learners by using and understanding their individual data to be the best learners they can be.

Joint approaches to problem-solving and intervention has maximised our resources to ensure students are at standard and stretched beyond this.

We use it at Bowsland to support pupils conceptual understanding of different problems.

For an example of a bar model being used to support problem solving please click on this link: https://


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