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“You can start in one place and easily transfer to another in second or third year,” he says.

Misunderstanding expectations Joni Taylor, admissions associate at the Emily Carr University of Art Design, explains that there are two key components of a successful application portfolio: original works of art and a good explanation of the ideas behind each piece.

Sometimes, students fail to pay attention to these requirements, submitting work that might be of excellent quality technically but lacking originality.

Here are five common application mistakes to avoid when applying to post-secondary institutions. Committing before you’re ready University is a big step from high school, and not everyone is prepared for all it involves.

The combination of navigating new academic expectations, finding new friends and living more independently (often in a new city) can take its toll—even more if you’re entering a program with little tolerance for failure.

“The only common thing I see wrong is when students are not taking the supplemental seriously,” says Jeffery Trapp, associate director of recruitment and admissions at Rotman Commerce.

Writing A Successful Thesis Statement - Rotman Commerce Supplemental Application Essay

In Rotman’s video assessment, for instance, students have two minutes to complete the assessment—but not everyone makes full use of that time.

Taylor recommends that applicants to Emily Carr should ask a “critical eye”—someone like an art teacher or professional artist—to look over their portfolio before submitting it.

“It’s good to get an objective perspective,” she says.

While Arida points out that UBC reviewers don’t assign points for these details—“We don’t want the personal profile to assess the same thing that’s in your high school grades,” he says—he does note that poor spelling and sentence structure can make profiles harder to read, which may then affect the scores given.

And assessment scales vary; on his blog, Anderson says that one factor considered by Waterloo Engineering reviewers is quality of presentation, which takes into account grammar and writing as well as thought, effort and overall impression.


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