Robert Root Segmented Essay

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Jay, a tall stringbean of a boy, contributed his earnings as a golf caddy at the Greenwich Country Club, where his appetite for dawn-to-dusk rounds around the 18-hole course (“loops” in caddy talk), had earned him the sobriquet “Mad Looper.” Tuition waivers provided by Monsignor Guerin, our pastor, kept the six of us enrolled at St. I wonder about these jobs that my father might have considered that day. But mystification doesn’t help writers who want to write better. If stories aren’t good enough, the reason must be that the writer simply doesn’t have the innate talent. I will learn how to spell cacophony (one “a” two “o”s) accommodate, (two “o”s), judgment (only one “e”).

But there are too many autodidacts out there, people who have taught themselves to do things they wanted to do, for me to agree. I’ll try to understand how Anne Hull of sees the world and then uses fresh arrangements of words to make me see it in a new way. It’s spring and the thoughts of writers of all ages should turn to the National Writers Workshops.

Root, Jr., who also founded a journal of the same name that publishes memoirs, essays and other fact-based narrative forms grouped under the umbrella of creative nonfiction.

Their book is an inspirational anthology of creative nonfiction, but it is also a useful handbook for students of the form.

It’s easy, especially given the twin whammies of war and a tough economy, to surrender to despair about your prospects for improvement.

Ged Carbone may be right that the great writers are born that way.

More than anything, my time there convinced me that that I could learn and grow as a reporter and writer.

reporter who won the 1995 non-deadline writing award from the American Society of Newspaper Editors. You can teach someone to be a good writer, he argues, but great writers are born with that special blend of creativity that sets them apart from the rest of us.

In the Help Wanted-Men section, there were just a dozen options available to my father, who had been out of work for months and desperately needed to get his career back on track. Schenck sought a chauffeur-butler, to “drive an executive between Stamford, Conn.

and New York City three days weekly and expertly cook and serve simple daytime lunches in Park Avenue office same day.” Mc Ardle’s Seed Company wanted a driver (“must know town”), and a young man to do general store work; General Factory Help was available at Empire Brushes in Port Chester; Captain Bob Billings was looking for a “Launchman” for a private yacht club. No endorsements…No collateral.”Jay and I agree that, in this entire puny catalogue of classified agate, there was just one possibility that would have been suitable in Daddy’s eyes.“SALESMAN,” the headline shouted in the largest, boldest type of the lot.


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