Rigorous Coursework In High School Might Mean

Rigorous Coursework In High School Might Mean-2
At the heart of this survey is a question about what colleges seek in their applicants.For the past decade, the most important components of a student’s application have remained the same: grades in college preparatory coursework, GPA, test scores, and strength of curriculum.College admissions officers evaluate your application—and the strength of your curriculum—based upon what is available at your school.)As you consider course selection for next year, be mindful of choosing the appropriate level of rigor, while also balancing other needs.

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Whatever your academic interest, you’ll find a course to match it.

Today we address a topic at the heart of some of our most challenging conversations with families: course rigor.

At the start of the college application process, some parents have outsized expectations of where their students can go, based solely on their GPAs.

This situation tends to arise when students have good grades, but did not take challenging courses in high school Here are some of the typical responses we hear: The thing that’s often missing in these parents’ assessment of their kids’ prospects is course rigor.

Our goal at Signet is never to recommend that every student shoot for the Ivy League; rather, our goal is to find the college that’s right for you.

That said, if you’re academically motivated and want to push yourself to get into the most selective schools, you need to consider course rigor when you are choosing courses for the years to come. Each year, the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) polls the thousands of colleges around the country to provide insight into the college admissions process for students and families.

Put simply, “strength of curriculum” means the kinds of classes (AP, Honors, Regents, Accelerated, IB, and others) that a student chooses to take.

The Harvard College website advises potential applicants to “pursue the most demanding college-preparatory program available.” Why Is Course Rigor So Important?

Conversely, neglecting to enroll in higher level coursework could minimize your opportunities to take other courses later.

(If your high school does not offer honors or AP courses, you will not be expected to take those.


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