Review Of Literature On Performance Appraisal

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The model can be applied to tope level, middle-level and lower level employees.Evaluation instruments (forms) are provided to assist you with implementation the appraisal system. Introduction Performance evaluations have been conducted since the times of Aristotle (Landy, Zedeck, Cleveland, 1983).

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After a review of literature, a performance appraisal model will be described in detail.

The model discussed is an example of a performance appraisal system that can be implemented in a large institution of higher education, within the Student Affairs division.

Evaluating employee performance is a difficult task.

Once the supervisor understands the nature of the job and the sources of information, the information needs to be collected in a systematic way, provided as feedback, and integrated into the organization’s performance management process for use in making compensation, job placement, and training decisions and assignments (London, 2003).

The earliest formal employee performance evaluation program is thought to have originated in the United States military establishment shortly after the birth of the republic (Lopez, 1968).

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