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This can be very frustrating always having to explain what a respiratory therapist is and what we do on a daily basis. First, a little history about myself, when I was a junior at Upper Darby High School in Pennsylvania I was preparing myself to graduate high school and go on to University.Playing Soccer, studying biology and anything technical was my thing.

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Both had a technical aspect to it that I liked, but respiratory therapy had blood gas interpretation along with direct patient care that would provide job security.

With a clinical background in blood gas interpretation and my technical background in avionics I was still dreaming of one day working in some sort of capacity on the development and manufacturing of components of the space lab module, with heavy emphasis on the cognitive impact on operation of all flight control and communication systems in relation to extended exposure in a weightlessness environment in space.

I would say to try and pick something that will help you in the long run rather then to get your paper done.

Some in my class were doing it on the amount and types of bacteria on a healthcare professionals shoes.

We're being asked to write a 5 page paper on "anything related to respiratory therapy".

Some suggestions we were given were effects of vaping on the lungs, does marijuana cause copd, to name a couple.

Me and my family which included three small children at the time were about to live in Spain for about two and a half years.

I was performing avionic and electrical modifications six days a week, 12 to 14 hours a day.

It was interesting but didn't really help down the road. As much as I think vaping would be a great and interesting topic, I really don't think there's been enough research/studies done on it.

One of the lecturers at a conference I went to last year specifically researched this topic and was unable to come up with anything other than, "Vaping might cause this thing called 'popcorn lung'," and that's about it.


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