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Second, peacebuilders and "outsider neutral" mediators need to look for links within the conflicted society and community that have the respect of the people, such as professors, elders, religious leaders etc.Through these people, the mediators and peacebuilders can build networks and contacts.If all these needs had to be subsumed in one word, it might be respect"[3].

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It means to have a regard for other peoples' feelings,[2] listening to people and hearing them, i.e. Even more importantly, respect means treating one with dignity.

Respect is the opposite of humiliation and contempt.

The lack of respect given was enough for them to accept losses, provided that the student with power lost face in front of others.

Another group in the same class walked in with extremely different results. In this case, the person in power was asked for the reason.

Respect plays an important role in a number of ways.

The presence of respect can therefore create opportunities.Being respected by important people in our lives growing up teaches us how to be respectful toward others.Respect means that you accept somebody for who they are, even when they’re different from you or you don’t agree with them.It is then up to the peace builder to act upon them.Thus, for a peacebuilder, it is important to look at respect from different angles.What makes men like Bill Richardson and John Kamm succeed in negotiations and dialogue where many other fail, especially in their dealings with cultures other than our own? The relationships so established will be based on mutual trust and respect, and hence is likely to last. Available online at [7] Refer to the story from Ghana " I do not wish to in John Paul Lederach's "The Moral Imagination" [8] Lederach. The Little Book of Conflict Transformation [9] Moore, Christopher W. In contrast, if you browbeat your enemies (or both sides if you are the mediator) then even though the goal may be attained, the relationship will be resentful, and backlash, more than stable peace is the more likely outcome. First is the importance of treating parties to a conflict with civility and honor.Once people are accorded respect, they are more willing to make compromises which are long term and sustainable, rather than those that are made under duress.So where the latter can be a cause of conflict, the former and its opposite can help transform it.As William Ury writes in his book : "Human beings have a host of emotional needs- for love and recognition, for belonging and identity, for purpose and meaning to lives.


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