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Different textbooks place different meanings on research design.

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Due to the word limits imposed for the literature review chapter, as well as, other chapters of the dissertation, it is not possible, nor desirable to discuss all of the sources you have found in this chapter.

Only the works of the most noteworthy scholars and authors need to be included in the literature review.

Examples for descriptive research design Causal research design, on the other hand, is conducted to study cause-and-effect relationships.

The table below illustrates some examples for studies with causal research design.

Quantitative research is an objective measure of definable factual evidence such as numbers and statistics that are capable of being analysed to determine the validity of a hypothesis.

Quantitative research can be used deductively to test a theory that can be presented in one of two ways: Data accumulated through the research process should help to prove or disprove the hypothesis.

Search strategy for the literature can include the following stages: 1. For example above, the search term of employee motivation might be referred to elsewhere as employee morale or employee willingness. A pool of online and offline literature need to be found according to the search term Equipped with search terms, a vast pool of relevant literature can be generated through exploring Questia online library, Google Scholar and Emerald databases amongst others.

Moreover, you can attend local libraries to find sources you need for your literature review. Collected literature needs to be filtered according to credentials of authors.

With an eye on how relevant, factually accurate and reliable it is.

It is very important at this stage that you discuss your approach with your supervisor to ensure it is suitable before proceeding with the actual research.


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