Research Papers On Groundwater Quality

Research Papers On Groundwater Quality-74
Total dissolved solids describe the inorganic salts and small amounts of organic matter present in water [5].

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Turbidity in water arises from the presence of very finely divided solids [6].

Dissolved minerals, especially divalent cations cause total hardness in water.

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This study aims at assessing the groundwater quality of the three districts of Eastern Terai region of Nepal viz.

Morang, Jhapa, Sunsari using physicochemical characteristics and statistical approach so that possible contamination of water reservoir can be understood.Hardness caused by calcium is called calcium hardness, regardless of the salts associated with it [7].Total alkalinity is the result of the presence of bicarbonates, carbonates and hydroxides of calcium, magnesium and sodium [8].Excess of fluoride is associated with fluorosis, hyperparathyroidism, increased bone resorption, and skeletal deformity [9,10,11].Excess chloride in water is usually taken as an index of pollution and reflected as tracer for groundwater contamination [12, 13].Sampling was carried out using pre-cleaned polypropylene bottles.Groundwater was collected in containers after flushing out the tubewells or borewells (minimum 10 min) in order to get the fresh groundwater.Collected samples were preserved at 4 °C and taken into the laboratory for analysis.The parameters were selected on the basis of their relative importance in pollution potential on groundwater.Acknowledgments should be made only for significant contributions by professional associates, permission to publish by employer, access to land or equipment, financial support, and reviews. It is highly recommended that authors utilize some of the many online search engines to ensure that all publications relevant to their research are identified.Supporting information is important, ancillary information relevant to the article that does not appear in the print or online version of the journal.


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