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Research Papers On Data Mining 2011-3
It is written for practitioners who are looking for approaches to improve business performance and maintain high profits for their business by incorporating knowledge‐enabled a CRM in their setup. In recent years, increasing attention to Artificial Intelligence (AI) encouraged the progress of data mining and analytics in the pedagogical domain.The KM requires a convalesce of organizational culture, technology innovations, effective work force in culminating knowledge dissemination in all business domains.

In fact, learning designs with online learning platform in the real world are diverged and still developing due to the progress of machine learning techniques.

Therefore, the updated study with educational data mining could be beneficial in the EDM research area.

The meaning of EDM is not clear for researchers to employ EDM approaches because EDM is closely tied to the research field of Learning Analytics (LA).

Learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts, for purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs.(International Conference on Learning Analytics and Knowledge et al.

The objective is to share how KM and a CRM can be integrated into this seamless analytics framework to sustain excellence in decision making using effective data mining techniques and to explore how working on such a CRM system can be effective for enabling organizations delivering complete solutions.

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This paper is based on focused and dedicated study of the literature present on the a CRM, KM and data mining techniques.KM focuses on managing knowledge within the organization and a CRM focuses on gaining analytical information from the customer data.Both KM and a CRM help in the decision making process and understanding. Hence, this paper explains the importance of data mining tools and techniques to uncover knowledge by the integration between KM and a CRM.The purpose of the paper is to provide a thorough analysis of the concepts of business intelligence (BI), knowledge management (KM) and analytical CRM (a CRM) and to establish a framework for integrating all the three to each other.The paper also seeks to establish a KM and a CRM based framework using data mining (DM) techniques, which helps in the enterprise decision‐making.Factors, such as time, sequence, and context are also important to consider in the study of educational data.For instance, students’ learning behaviors (students’ participation, login frequency, number of chat messages, and the type of questions submitted to instructor) along with their final grades can be analyzed. 2012)The online learning platform used for recording the data and analyzing them determine what information about learning behaviors can be recorded.The paper considered how to develop a strategy and operational framework that would build a CRM on the foundation of existing DM techniques and KM approach to meet the business challenges.Based on this research, a customized, integrated framework, to match the needs of business was designed.With a CRM, firms can identify their most profitable customers and use this knowledge for promotional schemes for those customers as well as identify future customers with prediction on ROI. The need for the integration of KM and a CRM is clear. (2011), "Role of knowledge management and analytical CRM in business: data mining based framework", The Learning Organization, Vol.


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