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The lives of people with Type 1 diabetes could be significantly enhanced through algorithms that connect glucose monitors and insulin pumps to automatically regulate blood glucose to healthy levels, in the same fashion that cruise control in an automobile regulates speed. Christoph Jansen There have been clear statements from regulatory bodies that have increased the pressure on pharmaceutical companies to go electronic with their records and ensure a high level of data integrity in all areas of the pharmaceutical industry.Steven Lazer Digital pathology is the viewing, analyzing, and managing of digitalized pathology slides with computer technology called whole slide imaging, or WSI, which generates a tremendous volume of data.

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Implantable brain electrodes have been around for quite some time now, both for diagnosing and treating neuropsychiatric conditions like Parkinson’s disease.

However, one limitation of conventional probes is their size and rigidity, compared to the soft, gelatinous consistency of the brain.

But like many humans who have never smoked, dogs still get lung cancer.

The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has awarded Ohio University scientists Shiyong Wu and Lingying Tong a five-year $1.7 million grant to advance research on a potential prevention and treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers.

It provides a medium for the rapid publication of full-length articles, short communications and technical reports on novel and innovative aspects of biotechnology.

The Journal of Applied Biotechnology Reports also welcomes proposals of Review Articles - please send in a brief outline of the article and the senior author's CV to the editorial office.

Biotechnology is in human past and present, because of the strong effect it has had one us, it will surely be a strong force in our future.

Scientists have revealed how the typhoid toxin works to hijack DNA repair machines and accelerate the aging of cells, a breakthrough that could pave the way for new strategies to combat the killer disease.

Submitted manuscripts should present new results of original research or describe new theoretical or methodological approaches in biotechnology.

Original experimental papers of pressing nature requiring rapid publication no longer than five typewritten pages, including figures, tables, and references, are published in the Short Communications section.


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