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Obesity today has over taken what we know of most of the United States population.

This phenomenon of unhealthy eating starts in children even before they start going to school.

The animals I once ate never crossed my mind and I had forgotten that they lived once just like us and how much they had to suffer to become our food until one day, I watched a documentary on Netflix called Food, Inc.

After watching the documentary I didn’t look the meat products the same way for weeks, but as time went by I had forgotten about the video....

Many of today’s farms are in an industrial factory rather than a nice green pasture.

These farms are looking to maximize profits and produce high quantities of food, which could potentially be a good thing, in some certain cases, but not in this one.The industrial farms have no concern for human health or the environment.They raise many health, environmental, and pesticide issues, which all can be resolved with the act of organic farming....[tags: livestock, animal rights, anaerobic bacteria] - Everyone has heard the horror stories of what goes on in industrial agriculture, or factory farms.Animals are shoved around, in lines, all awaiting their eminent slaughter for the production of meat products.Workers throw baby pigs around and abuse the animals just because they can.Groups such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) are adamant that the factory farms get shut down and do everything they can to get the public known of the horrors that go on.[tags: Agricultural Research ] - Thinking of owning a farm.Farming is great for some people but it’s not for all.A large amount of today’s population is found living in the middle to lower class, creating complications when trying to support family’s with insufficient funds....[tags: Stop Factory Farms] - In addition to health and safety concerns, factory farms are also imposing a threat to the environment.


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