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David Byrne, Peter Gabriel, and Mickey Hart followed in this vein.

Ethnomusicologist Steven Feld argues that the Western experience of world music in the 1980s was largely shaped by “pop star collaboration and curation” (Feld 2000, p. As world music grew in popularity, an increasing number of record labels started marketing it.

In practice, studies of world music have tended not to include Western art (classical) music, so the term, as used in ethnomusicology, tends to refer more to music outside of that tradition. Taylor recounts the entry of world music into popular discourse in Global Pop: World Music, World Markets (1997).

In response to growing sales of non-Western music recordings, representatives of independent record companies, broadcasters and concert promoters met in London in 1987 to discuss marketing the music.

World music is sometimes defined as “roots music,” meaning that it is perceived as explicitly connecting with or continuing a people’s tradition or heritage.

Thus, while Nena and the German band Kraftwerk are not classified as world music, German Heimatmusik (music associated with the countryside) is categorized as world music.During the 1960s and 1970s there was a surge in popularity of folk and folk-rock music, stimulating an unprecedented interest in world folk music recordings.Folkways Records and Elektra Records’s Nonesuch Explorer Series began to meet this growing demand.Filipina singer Banig sings in a Western pop style with English lyrics, and as Timothy Taylor observes in Global Pop, she is classified as a world music artist.Swedish band Ace of Base, French Canadian Celine Dion, and German singer Nena are all categorized as pop music rather than world music, regardless of which language they use.They determined that record stores were reluctant to stock the music because it was not clear under which heading it should be sold: The existing rubrics of folk, ethnic and international were not clearly defined, differentiated or adequately promoted.Following ethno-musicologists, the group decided to term the emerging niche world music.The term “world music” was first circulated in ethnomusicology (the study of music in or as culture) and entered Western popular culture as a category of musical commodity in the 1980s.It is a packaging of music “from the outside” into popular music primarily intended for Western consumers.The musicians went into the field (Harrison to India, Simon to Africa), “discovered” the music, and presented it to the Europe and North American market, often performing with world musicians.World music was introduced to listeners by familiar musical personalities with star appeal.


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