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Research Critiques and PICOT Statement Prepare this Research Critiques and PICOT Statement assignment as a 1,500-1,750 word paper using the instructor feedback from the Topic 1, 2, and 3 assignments and the guidelines below.PICOT Statement use the PICOT statement in the Topic 1 assignment.Therefore, analyzing this Research Question separately from the Research Hypothesis is meaningless.

add 2 more relevant research articles on the specific PICOT topic.

Research Critiques In the Topic 2 and Topic 3 assignments you completed a qualitative and quantitative research critique.

Let's return to the example of the effect of telling stories on children's literacy skills.

The Purposes, Research Questions, and Research Hypotheses will be described for this study.

For example, if the researcher wants to determine whether males and females differ on science achievement test scores, then this should be written as a research hypothesis.

A Research Question could be written as "Do males and females differ on science achievement test scores?

The purposes of the study should explain the final conclusions that the research study hopes to reach. Sometimes it is easier to start with the Research Questions and Hypotheses first and then write the Purposes, other times it is easier to start with the Purposes.

When writing the Purposes section, it is best to start with the general purpose of the study: Once the overall purpose has been explained, then write a specific purpose about every key variable identified from Step 2.

Instead, research questions should focus on describing a variable, such as "How often do students use a computer in the classroom?

" Some research studies might not have Research Questions, which is generally ok.


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