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A child may not feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex leading them to rush their parents through the conversation and not fully grasping the ideas on information their parents are trying to get across to them.If they were in school being taught, amongst friends, they would be forced to listen plus they might feel comfortable enough to ask questions pertaining to things they may not understand.In Colorado, a bill that would ban abstinence-only education in public schools awaits the governor’s signature.

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It is important to educate our children on sex and how to protect themselves.

Many parents agree that sex education should not be taught to children in school.

Can this somehow be prevented by encouraging that sex education be included in the curriculum in school?

Don't we send our children to school to learn and get an education?

Teachers went through college to get a degree in teaching; parents didn't unless they themselves are a teacher.

Sex education has been a controversial subject for decades as public school officials and parents have debated the best ways to help teenagers avoid unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. But many states require sex education instructors to discuss or stress abstinence from sexual activity, with some schools offering abstinence-only programming, which urges kids to wait until marriage and often excludes information about contraceptives.In 2019, sex education continues to make headlines even as teen pregnancy rates continue to fall.Policymakers in Colorado, California and Alabama have pushed for big changes in the way sex education is taught there.Are these parents willing to take time out of their busy schedule to sit their children down and have a one - on -one conversation with their child about sex?Do they themselves know all there is to know about sex and are up-to-date on STD's and contraceptives?Earlier this month, the California Board of Education approved new guidelines for sex education that have sparked statewide protests, partly because they now suggest educators discuss homosexuality and gender fluidity in elementary, middle and high school.Meanwhile, a Republican senator in Alabama introduced legislation in March that would drastically change the state’s sex education law, which currently requires teachers to emphasize that “homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public and that homosexual conduct is a criminal offense under the laws of the state.” The proposed legislation would remove that requirement.Than why should schools not educate our children about sex and help stress that abstinence is best?Sex education is not helping to promote that a child go out and engage in sexual activity, it merely educates them on the consequences of having sex and makes them aware of ways to protect themselves if they do choose to engage in sexual activity.By contrast, comprehensive adolescent pregnancy-prevention programming appears to reduce births in those states, although it has not had an impact overall, perhaps because of its lower funding levels relative to abstinence funding.” Abstinence-only education The Effects of State‐Mandated Abstinence‐Based Sex Education on Teen Health Outcomes Carr, Jillian B.; Packham, Analisa. Do abstinence-based sex education programs cause teen birth rates and abortion rates to rise or fall?What about the rate of acquiring a sexually transmitted disease?


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