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Ultimately, most people will be focusing on radical Islam; however, there are many aspects of the religion that may not necessarily be widely known about, including details of marriages in Islam.As a result, you might find it interesting to write a research paper based around this topic.The Imams of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s), though not very often, quoted poems of Jahiliyyah.

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Knowledge refers to bodies of facts and hypotheses that enables one to understand phenomena and to solve problems.

Islam actively immensely encourages Muslims to seek knowledge.

2) Experienced: driving skills and so is researching. For instance, for several centuries millions of people had observed apples falling from an apple tree but they were oblivious to the force that caused it to fall.

The more you conduct the research the more skilful you natural become. It was only Newton whose sharp mind noted the law of gravity by observing the fall of a mere apple.

The inadequacies of accumulating knowledge through these sources forced scholars to develop what is presently known as ‘scientific methods in research.’ The term ‘research’ in English is from a French term ‘’ to seek.

The Oxford English dictionary defines research as: “the study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusion.” The term used in Arabic is ‘al Bahth’ which means to search.Similarly a research method is the logic of correct research.Thus, formal logic is the method of correct thinking, and applied logic is the method of correct research. Often we meet people with a vast amount of information on various topics. However, they don’t have any systematic approach to acquiring knowledge about any topic.The Almighty Allah in almost every page of the holy Quran praises knowledge and invites people to seek and learn the truth.Seeking knowledge in Islam is an obligation upon every Muslim.It is only a true researcher who is like a bee extracting matter from the flowers of different gardens and fields but works and fashions it to produce a sweet honey.A researcher must enjoy the following characteristics: 1) Knowledgeable: A researcher must have a solid, general knowledge about the topic he researches about.Ultimately, you should carry out any surveys or questionnaires as ethically it is possible, whilst also avoiding causing any unnecessary offense.If you are still struggling to think of any suitable topic that you might be up to use for this particular kind of paper, then you might find it interesting to read through some of the ideas listed below.For instance, if he wishes to conduct research on a particular jurisprudential topic he must have a fair knowledge of Fiqh and its related sciences.He should also be familiar with jurisprudential terminologies to understand and interpret jurisprudential texts.


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