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Meanwhile, 74 per cent of students at the school which allow them, use the devices to aid learning.Most respondents in this study say they use their device for Google and calendars during the school day.The study, from 2015 details the experiences of one Mathematics teacher, Steven, who uses an i Phone in class. One comparative study was undertaken across two schools in England in 2012, and details how students from each school use their devices during class time.

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expecting schools to completely eliminate the problems associated with mobile phone integration, however, is unrealistic; therefore, school stakeholders must carefully consider the benefits and barriers identified by students in determining policy.’ As for what teachers think about including the use of mobile phones in their lessons, one US study looked at nine teachers’ attempts to incorporate various technology devices in their lessons. High School Students' Perceptions of Mobile Phone Integration in the Classroom', American Secondary Education, vol. Undoubtedly these devices have fostered faster learning, effective understanding, greater transparency and uninterrupted flow to education.

The study, from 2015 details the experiences of one Mathematics teacher, Steven, who uses an i Phone in class. However, providing unmonitored devices to the students during study hours comes at its own cost.

The research shows that students rely mostly on their devices to keep them organised.

The calendar, alarms and camera (usually to take photos of a teacher’s notes) are features constantly used by students, the report notes.

As for learning at home, most students also rely on their device.

‘A few days ago, my friend didn’t understand one of the questions on the Science homework, so he Facetimed me, and I showed him my answer and I explained how I got that answer to him ...’ one student says.

Each of his students [primarily 9th and 10th graders] had a file in this program … It can apply controls to the student-owned devices in such a way that the learning applications are launched as soon as the students enter the perimeter of the school at pre-defined time.

this was helpful to Steven when conducting formal and informal parent-teacher conferences and also when discussing with other teachers and administration. This will help to check unproductive hours and ensure that devices are turned into single purpose devices.

‘They are using many of the features of their devices and often finding creative ways to employ these features in their schoolwork, both at home and at school.’ A study conducted in the US reveals concerns held by some students about the risks involved with allowing mobile phones to be used freely at school.

The research, , which was published in 2016, found that although seven out of 10 of students interviewed think mobile phones support learning, serious concerns still exist among 30 per cent of respondents, who feel the negative effects of smartphones justifies a school-wide ban.


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