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One possibility is that like many other religious beliefs, a sense of religious hope arises from, and is maintained by, close social relationships in religious institutions (Berger, 1967).

Bringing church-based social relationships to the foreground conveys a better sense of the underlying process that may be at work: social support systems in the church foster religious hope and greater religious hope is, in turn, associated with a diminished sense of death anxiety.

Second, some time ago Wheaton (1994) proposed that stressors do not occur in isolation from other negative life events and as a result, the effects of multiple stressors are cumulative.

So if young adults are already having problems grappling with other stressors, then the added burden of death threats may trigger greater brain activity among them.So rather than promoting an outcome that many consider desirable (i.e., better advanced care planning), greater involvement in religion may have the opposite effect. (2018) is more directly situated in the stress paradigm, but it doesn’t go far enough.Their research suggests that a strong sense of religious hope is associated with diminished death anxiety.Medical Sciences Biochemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences Clinical Sciences Genetics & Molecular Biology Immunology & Microbiology Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Neuroscience & Psychology Engineering Business & Management General Science Agri and Aquaculture Nursing & Health Care Chemistry Food & Nutrition Animal ethics Basics of Medical Ethics Bioethics Bioethics and philosophy of science Clinical Ethics Clinical Research Death and dying Ethical Issues in Health Care Research Ethical Research with Children Ethics in Medical Research Ethics in Nursing Ethics in disaster medicine Ethics in relation to abortion General ethics Health Ethics Human Experimentation Neuro Ethics Public ethics It refers to the phenomenon of stressful psychological torture that is experienced by people suffering from and mental depression.The concept of death and dying is a typical concept that interlinks the aspects of medical science and philosophy.There is a plethora of research on death-related issues.Entire volumes have been devoted to studies on bereavement (Stroebe, 2008), there are numerous reviews of the literature on death anxiety (e.g., Missler et al., 2011), and a number of journals specialize in the study of topics associated with death (i.e., ).First, Krause, Shaw, and Cairney (2004) report that traumatic life events that arise between the ages of 18 and 30 appear to have the strongest negative relationship with health in old age.This suggests that the period between age 18 and 30 may be a time when people are especially vulnerable to the effects of stress.First, a vast literature consistently reveals that older Blacks are more likely than older Whites to rely on a range of religious coping resources, such as religiously oriented feelings of control (Schieman, Pudrovska, & Milkie, 2005).Second, rather than increasing the probability of engaging in advanced care planning, relying on religious control beliefs may actually lead older Blacks to rely on God rather than worry about taking more direct action by drawing up documents like advanced directives.


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