Research Paper On Alcoholism And Family

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Additionally, parents abusing any substance are more likely to be involved with divorce, mental illness, unemployment, and legal problems, severely compromising their abilities to effectively parent.

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In every family unit, each person plays a role (or multiple roles) to help the family function better and to maintain a level of homeostasis, stability, and balance.

The effects of drug addiction on family members varies, but when substance abuse is added to this dynamic, the family roles naturally shift to adjust to the new behaviors associated with drug or alcohol use to continue maintaining order and balance.

The effects of drug addiction on family members when the addiction is developed later in life creates another set of issues, as many family roles have already been firmly set.

The blurred line between parent/child relationships and parent/friend relationships also make the situation more difficult to remedy.

Families of addicts, including both immediate family members and often extended family members as well, are affected in some way by the individual’s substance abuse.

Addiction impacts a family’s finances, physical health, and psychological wellbeing.They are also more likely to have difficulty dealing with stress and highly likely to marry an alcoholic or abusive spouse later in life.The effects of drug abuse on family members like children also extend to finances.One sober partner can at least try to keep the house in order and encourage the substance abuser to get help.This too will likely lead to the slow deterioration of the relationship, as both addicts will be primarily focused on feeding their addictions rather than cultivating the relationship or handling any household responsibilities.When discussing codependency in addiction, the term refers to individuals who put the needs of the addict before their own, even when it is detrimental to their own wellbeing.Codependent people will often defend and make excuses for the addict and will do anything to remain in his or her good graces, being sure not to raise their ire.Parental alcoholism and drug addiction can create poor self-image, loneliness, guilt, anxiety, feelings of helplessness, fear of abandonment and chronic depression in children.One in five adult Americans lived with an alcoholic relative at some point during their childhoods.Alcoholism and drug addiction have obvious and well-documented effects on chronic substance abusers.Prolonged abuse of drugs and/or alcohol will deteriorate a person’s physical health, impair his or her mental functioning, and damage their overall spirit.


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