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This represents a daycare sales potential of $26.3 billion in 2011.

The increase in the number of single working parents and couples in which both parties work has loaned itself to a new trend in the day care industry.

Recent developments in technology will help ease these fears and convince more parents to seek child care centers.

One product, called “I See You,” allows parents to cyber visit their child’s day care room via the internet throughout the day.

Between 19, the number of women with preschool aged children who were working outside the home rose by 39%.

In 2003, approximately 65% of mothers with at least one child under the age of 6 worked year-round.

These increased safety measures will undoubtedly result in more parents participating in child care programs and even greater demand for the growing market.

Resulting from such increased numbers of working parents and technological advances, the child care market is promising great yields.

According to the 2006 Third Wave Research report, the total potential market for daycare centers, nursery and preschools was .7 billion.

The following outlines the demographic breakdown of this potential billion market:,000 – ,000 = 42.93% Over 0,000 = 32.46%Between 20, the 5 year and under segment of the population is expected to grow from 19 million to over 21 million and to 30 million by 2050.


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