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Research Paper Abortion-41
Every society and culture has particular ways of confronting with unwanted or unplanned pregnancy and with abortion.Such traditions are altering swiftly in the modern world.

Medical issues like techniques of abortion are considered controversial; however there is sometimes part of debate at a large scale.

Thesis Statement: it is hypothesized that although abortion is regarded as murder of human life in Catholic moral teachings, it sometimes becomes unavoidable due to critical factors like controlling family-size, saving life etc, however; every society and culture has particular ways of confronting unwanted or unplanned pregnancy with abortion.

Furthermore, in addition to the long-standing and persistent economic and social disparities between men and women, within and between nations, and a highly inequitable distribution of the resources available in the world, some new and possibly even more weakened social forces have entered the scenario.

(Baumgardner 156) Civil wars, the resurgence of organized genocide, suppressed ethnic rivalries, famine, the virtual collapse of civil communities, and the destruction wrought by AIDS in different nations- all are likely to undermine and disrupt the capability of women and men in controlling their own as well as the lives of their families, including their reproductive lives.

Abortion is not a new issue in human society; studies showed that more than three hundred contemporary nonindustrial societies practiced abortion.

Abortions had been performed by women on themselves and also experienced abortion at the hands of different persons for thousands of years.

The reproductive costs and consequences of sexual intercourse are often far more serious and more lasting for women compared with men.

The physical expression related to sexuality is universal and fundamental.

The level to do so varies within and among nations.

(Comm 110) Abortion creates mix feelings in societies highlighting basic differences as well as conflicting point-of-view compared with most of the public or social health complications.


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