Reflective Essay On Learning

Many students fail to understand the meaning of reflective essay and therefore cannot write a reflective paper template which is clear to examiners.

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The experience matters along with personal ideas, opinions and even feelings about the situation and how the situation affected the author or others.

A reflective paper is usually self-centered in that a writer has to speak from the first point of view for the events under description.

You also have to bring out how the events link with your experience, this is now bringing out the reflection aspect in the paper hence attaining the objective of the paper.

Every essay paper has a specific format depending on the instructions given by the examiner.

The Multimodal Task definitely allowed us to configure a lesson using and working with technology, but if we had more time, I wish we could have done more than one task to accomplish such goals.

A reflective essay is a paper that entails a writer to expound about their personal experience and relate to the audience appropriately through writing.

A reflective essay may take different formats depending on the audience.

A reflective essay may be academic in the aspect that a student may be asked to write a lesson learnt in class and reflect its application in real life.

Looking back over the course of the semester, I feel that I learned many new and interesting uses for technology within the classroom – both for classrooms that have a lot of technology and for classrooms that are limited with technology.

For the majority of the class, we utilized William Kists’ book The Socially Networked Classroom: Teaching in the New Media Age (2010), which provided multiple modes of instruction that both utilized and/or created technology.


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