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Madison: University of Wisconsin–Madison, Wisconsin Center for Educational Research. Access to society journal content varies across our titles.They also tend to focus on evidence of quantity (e.g.

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Because observation protocols are typically designed to measure particular approaches, instructors should be careful to choose one for its specific assessment purpose.

In contrast, teaching inventories can often be completed quickly by the instructor to obtain an overall assessment of practices. The Teaching Practices Inventory: A New Tool for Characterizing College and University Teaching in Mathematics and Science.

A variety of published tools can assist instructors when assessing their teaching practices.

Many such tools, including classroom observation protocols and teaching inventories, have been utilized in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses, but are easily adaptable to other disciplines.

Teaching inventories are often used in more low-key, self-assessing reflective teaching approaches.

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Instructors may keep in mind several benefits and challenges with classroom observation protocols and inventories. In observation protocols, an observer witnesses classroom teaching or views a videotape of instruction.While doing so, the observer fills out the protocol, typically consisting of questions that (1) ask whether particular teaching and learning behaviors were observed, (2) use a Likert-scale to capture the extent to which the behavior was seen in the classroom, and/or (3) allow for open-ended general feedback.Use primary texts sparingly, all the while showing your command of and close attention to these materials.Weight given to empirical material: Most of the observational-reflection paper is devoted to relating a personal story.Where possible, coupling teaching inventories with observation protocols may be desirable. Osthoff, E., Clune, W., Ferrare, J., Kretchmar, K., & White, P. Implementing immersion: Design, professional development, classroom enactment and learning effects of an extended science inquiry unit in an urban district. Tricks of the trade: Of all the essay styles in the social sciences, the observation-reflection essay most closely corresponds to the student's experience of reading or engaging scholarly materials, since we often make sense of an idea by "trying it out" using our own experiences or observations.However, the essay shouldn't literally narrate this reading experience.After all, most of the essay involves telling a personal story.Weight given to scholarly discussion: Although the first thing an instructor often notices is your correct use of concepts, theory and ideas from the class, these take up relatively little space in this essay style — in a 3-4 page paper, generally the first paragraph and the concluding paragraph(s).


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