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Are we inhibited by our intellect, bound to work out the solutions to life’s problems only by sorting through the details?

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So here, I offer them, edited and updated, in a free, downloadable format, asking only that people use them responsibly in service to mankind, and that the content be correctly attributed.

These Reflections essays were originally written for a university audience interested in the Three Principles and their implications across life.

To my surprise, hundreds of colleagues from around the world who work across many professions to share the Principles began to get in touch with me to request copies.

How reliable such calculations are in the long run is doubtful; as Gandhi himself says, ‘in the end deceivers deceive only themselves’; but at any rate the gentleness with which he was nearly always handled was due partly to the feeling that he was useful.

The British Conservatives only became really angry with him when, as in 1942, he was in effect turning his non-violence against a different conqueror.


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