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Lesson 9 research paper was the first research paper I have ever done, and the first paper I had to write in several years.I was anxious when I saw this assignment on the syllabus, as writing has never been a strong suit of mine.In writing research, observational learning is often compared to learning by direct experience, mostly referred to as learning by doing.

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Observers were explicitly encouraged to carry out different (meta)cognitive, reflective activities, by asking them to compare and evaluate the model's performance.

However, reflection was not prompted in the learning-by-doing conditions, and therefore did not necessarily take place, which may have influenced the findings.

We systematically compare observational learning and learning-by-doing in learning to write a complex, academic text, with a specific focus on the role of reflection in both methods.

In addition to writing performance, we also examine the effects on self-efficacy beliefs and the extent to which learners are satisfied with the instructional methods, because we conjecture that reflection may have an impact on those factors as well.

As I mentioned this was my first research paper, so at first I spent a lot of time researching how to write a research paper, thank goodness for the internet!

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Once I felt like I had the basics down it was time to tackle that elephant in the room, start the paper.

In our study, reflection did not affect academic writing performance and self-efficacy beliefs, and neither did instructional method.

Both reflection and instructional method did influence students' satisfaction with the learning activities.

And as I started to build the paper, the writing became easier and easier, and I really started to get into a flow.

I tried to keep this saying in my head while writing the paper: “the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.” It help shrink the mountain my mind created of this task, into a hill.


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