Reflection On A Clinical Skill Essay

Reflection On A Clinical Skill Essay-3
They are encouraged to consider the nature of knowledge-making; to reflect on the processes of teaching and learning; to understand the experiences of medicine, health, sickness and disability from different perspectives including that of the patient, practitioner or family member.

It aims to give students an alternative perspective on medicine,healthcare, illness, or disability.

This is achieved by studies in an extensive range of Humanities subjects including anthropology, economics, history, sociology, educational studies, divinity, art and music.

Hence, I want to develop skills such as becoming an independent and self-directed learner in order to succeed as a student nurse.

I also need to demonstrate key skills in order to prepare myself to become a registered nurse.

I also have to prepare myself to become a future healthcare practitioner.

For instance, I have to acquire skills to meet the physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs of my patients.Gibbs (1988) model of reflection will be used to reflect on my experiences as a student nurse.My work as a Health Care Assistant in the past six years helped me decide to pursue a nursing education.Portfolios of artwork, Online Design, photographic and museum exhibits have been produced in recent years.Many courses contribute to the strong artistic heritage underpinning Medical Humanities.I was able to work in a busy environment and experience working with patients with different ethnic background and a multicultural healthcare team.Seeing patients improve as a result of the care they receive from healthcare professionals was one of the significant events that helped me decide to become a nurse.I also have to determine my own stage of development as a student.Learners are identified into at least four types of learners.This reflective essay aimed to present the key learning and gaps in knowledge and practice of a student nurse.The Gibbs model of reflection was used to evaluate and analyse the learning needs of the author.


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