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Our resumes and career tips are written by professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the recruiting industry.Read more about us Important online publications featured and trusted our content I founded Resume OK in 2011, with the goal of helping people increase their chances to get a better job.Let the recruiter see that you know what the job is all about and you are prepared to take on the responsibilities head on.

Thomas and I go back 15 years when TGH Finance was a client of my company.

I was tasked to manage the technical analysis reports for Thomas and his team.

Thomas shared THG Finance has had close relations with ABC Management Consultants the last decade.

Considering the tenure between your companies I am sure you can take comfort that Thomas would not refer an associate unless he was 100% certain could deliver the expected results.

I have done studies that seek to uncover the relationships between currency fluctuations, interest rate movements and consumer behavioral patterns in the property market.

If selected for the Head of Market research position, I am confident my body of research would greatly benefit your organization.He should know what you wrote on the application because chances are the recruiter will give him a call.In the first paragraph, state your understanding of the company, its reputation and why you want to apply for the job.Indicate the involvement of the contact with your application right away.If the contact is in good standing and the recruiter knows first-hand that your contact referred you for the job, this will strengthen your credibility.I am a career and online marketing expert that has reviewed and written thousands of resumes.During my career, I have found certain patterns that make a resume successful, and I’m sharing all my insights in the samples that you can find on Resume OK.People from Human Resources are wary of referrals because a name can be a powerful influence.A good number of applicants will “name drop” a contact just for the sake of “stirring the pot” and gaining attention even though they have no relationship or affiliation in the first place.I would develop the team that would embark on a more exhaustive but updated research on how the property markets would develop over the next five (5) years.Resume OK started its journey in 2011, with the goal of helping job seekers write better resumes.


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