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Each reference must be accompanied by a link to details of the source, as outlined below.

Again, the source and page number must also be given.

Thus In Re W (a minor) (medical treatment) (1992) , Nolan LJ asserted that a court has the power and the responsibility in appropriate cases “…

This should appear at the end of your assignment, starting on a new sheet.

Items in the Bibliography should be ordered alphabetically by author and, when there is more than one entry by an author, then by date. If using the footnote system, the principal difference between footnotes and bibliography entries is that your footnotes will where necessary specify the pages used for the particular reference.

References and quotes reflect your research and indicate the depth of reading you have undertaken.

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They also allow others to follow up on the work that you have done.

You should also be aware that employers are extremely reluctant to hire people who have been found guilty of acts of dishonesty.

It is important, therefore, to make a careful note of your sources of information as you are doing your research and collecting materials to incorporate in your answer so that you can identify and acknowledge them when writing up and list those sources in your bibliography.

Please refer to your course handbook or tutors for guidance as to which system they want you to use.

The full OSCOLA document, giving more examples and covering the full range of materials, is available online from Oxford University.


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