Red Bull Case Study Swot Analysis

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This report is developed in the form of a case study red bull.

The case study of Red Bull has provided a clear overview of the current strategic position of the company in the energy drink market.

As per the case study of Red Bull, the company has been enjoying great success with the help of the selling non-alcoholic carbonated energy drinks.

The SWOT framework for the company can applied as below:1.

Strength: Red Bull has been maintaining a strong brand Image in global market place and has been attaining competitive advantage over other key players.

The presented case of Red bull has revealed some of the critical strategic issues faced by the company.

These strategic issues can be analysed with the application of three different strategic models and framework as below: SWOT Analysis: Issue related with the company’s inability to counter the intense competition can be reflected with the help of SWOT Framework.

For the establishment of the worldwide forerunner of the energy drink category, the company has made great sales of about .7 billion on annual basis.

The company, since its introduction in the United States during 1997 has been retaining the leading position in the carbonated soft drink industry (The Red Bull cans, 2014).


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