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He did copious research on the Civil War for his text.There are many existing manuscript drafts that show Crane's writing process., a coming-of-age tale set in an unnamed battle of the Civil War (most likely the Battle of Chancellorsville), is Stephen Crane's most famous novel.

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He could hardly accomplish positioning them again once.

Once Henry flees the battle scene, he is upset at his fellow troops. He cases they are stupid to remain and fight against an inevitable fatality, just because they did hold the opponent.

The Red Badge of Courage is a classic Civil War novel that was compiled by Stephen Crane in 1895.

Being truly a soldier in the Civil War was dangerous, with a death toll of over 600, 000.

Crane creates three major heroes that become mature soldiers after going through a dramatic internal change while they learn through the incidents and hardships they face in their first days and nights of battle.

Henry Fleming is the protagonist of the storyplot and the storyline is told through his sight and his thoughts.

Since Crane had agreed on the cuts with his editor, a "true" version may not really exist, even if the manuscripts contain unpublished material that Crane initially preferred.

Critics felt that the editor was now more important than the writer in this case.

Becoming one particular statistics was an obvious fear for most military.

The question is, are you willing to fight for your part or are you a coward?


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