Reason And Love Keep Little Company Together Essay

This argument between Helena and Demetrius carries on into the woods where we notice the change of scene.Shakespeare emphasizes this by the use of rhyming couplets that the characters now speak in to give the magical and ‘spell-like’ feel.Titania and Oberon are significant characters in the play and their relationship is not running smoothly.

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‘ Titania has an adopted child and this is what their argument is about.

Oberon wants to take the child from Titania because she gives a lot of her attention to him, which makes Oberon very jealous and his immaturity leads him to get revenge on his wife. As he is the male he should be the dominant one, but Titania is a strong character and because of this there is no compromise in their relationship; neither of them is willing to back down in an argument which we can see.

Oberon hints to the audience that he will get revenge on Titania in some way. Thou shalt not from this grove / Till I torment thee for this injury.

‘ This shows his anger because Titania will not give him the boy.

‘ She has no confidence and explains how she is Demetrius’ ‘spaniel’.

Shakespeare uses this metaphor to emphasize that Helena is prepared to act like a dog; devoted to its owner.

Many people thought they lived in a kingdom of their own and were invisible to humans, but occasionally they allowed themselves to be seen as if in a dream.

Hence the title, because in the play Puck states that it is going to be a dream to the characters.

Puck is Oberon’s servant and he tells the audience a lot at the beginning relating to the king and queen’s relationship.

‘And jealous Oberon would have the child/Knight of his train.


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