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That year, a pair of high-profile, high-concept summer series nudged the format into American prime time: “Big Brother,” a Dutch import, was built around surveillance-style footage of competitors locked in a house; “Survivor,” a Swedish import, isolated its stars by shipping them somewhere warm and distant, where they participated in faux tribal competitions.Both of these were essentially game shows, but they doubled as earthy anthropological experiments, and they convinced viewers and executives alike that television could provide action without actors.

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Like sponges, youngsters drink in the lifestyles and behaviours of reality TV stars; not realizing that reality TV has in fact very little to do with reality.

But the glamour and bright lights of these shows have teens mesmerized and they are fully taken in by the drama.

Parents need to take this into consideration when allowing their teens to watch certain programs.

If parents can find ways to make good values as attractive as they are, and educate their teens about the dangers of seemingly exciting programming, perhaps the teens of our society have a chance.

Putting in poison will result in poisonous behaviour, but instilling good values such as patience, kindness and respect will ultimately beget those qualities.

When turtles hatch, they have nothing but the moon to guide them to the ocean.

Her contribution, which wasn’t mentioned on the cover, appeared in the back of the magazine, after the listings, tucked between an advertisement for Virginia Slims and a profile of Shelley Winters.

Mead’s subject was a new Public Broadcasting System series called “An American Family,” about the Louds, a middle-class California household.

Worthy heirs to the Louds arrived in 1992, with the début of the MTV series “The Real World,” which updated the formula by adding a dash of artifice: each season, a handful of young adults were thrown together in a house, and viewers got to know them as they got to know one another.

It wasn’t until 2000, though, that Mead’s grand claim started to look prescient.


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