Reaction Essay Rubric

They are less because not just any set of rules or guides for student work are rubrics.

This first chapter lays out some basic concepts about rubrics.

This quarter I have been teaching an “Introduction to International Studies” class.

One of my goals for the year is to have a final assignment that challenges students to reflect on the course material, and to integrate what they have learned from diverse sources.

Figure 1.1 lists some common kinds of school performances that can be assessed with rubrics.

This list by no means covers every possible school performance.

It is just meant to help you think of the types of performances you might assess with rubrics.

This list is not meant to suggest what your students should perform.

In this book, I will show that rubrics for classroom use are both more and less than the dictionary definition suggests.

They are more because rubrics are good for much more than just grading or scoring.


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