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Cooper PDF Impacts of blood flow occlusion on the human neuromuscular system, David B.Dallosch PDF Monocyte MRI Relaxation Rates are Regulated by Extracellular Iron and Hepcidin, Praveen S.ETDs are available through [email protected], Western's digital library repository, and also released to the world-wide web with priority in many search engines, enabling scholars worldwide to locate, search, and download the University of Western Ontario's ETDs.

Bruinsma PDF Tissue Equivalent Gellan Gum Gel Materials for Clinical MRI and Radiation Dosimetry, Pawel Brzozowski PDF Accessibility And Academic Libraries: A Comparative Case Study, Claire Burrows PDF The Origins and Development of Visual Categorization, Laura Cabral PDF Strengthening the School-Family Partnership: Parents' Experiences with the Parents in Partnership with Educators Program (PIPE), Courtney Cadieux PDF Working with Youth as Stakeholders in Mental Health System Transformation: An Institutional Ethnography of a Service Organization in ACCESS Open Minds, Eugenia Canas PDF Spanning, Mary Katherine Carder-Thompson PDF Semantic Shift in Old English and Old Saxon Identity Terms, David A.

Carlton PDF Gambling and Physical Activity among Ontario Adolescents, Maryfrances Carton PDF Rudeness is in the Eye of the Beholder: How Gender Impacts Reactions to Incivility at Work, Sarah Carver PDF An Examination of Predictors of Quality of Life in Children and Adolescents receiving Mental Health Services, Angela Maria Louisa Celebre PDF The Information Practices of New Kadampa Buddhists: From "Dharma of Scripture" to "Dharma of Insight", Roger Chabot PDF Effect Of Coagulant Recycling on Chemically Enhanced Primary Treatment Performance, Tulip Chakraborty PDF Algebraic Companions and Linearizations, Eunice Y. Chan PDF Industry Self-Regulation and Government: A Study of a Hybrid Regulatory Model to Realize the Circular Economy, Hadi Chapardar PDF The Influence of a Centrally-Procured School Food Program on Consumption and Instances of Fruits and Vegetables in School-Age Children, Kimberly D.

Chung PDF Informal Caregivers’ of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Experiences of Social Inclusion Policy in the Province of Ontario, Heather L. Church PDF The development and evaluation of resources to improve the quality of care for patients with knee osteoarthritis, Laura K.

Churchill PDF Apolipoprotein(a) Secretion is Modulated by Sortilin, Proprotein Convertase Subtilisin/Kexin Type 9, and Microsomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein, Justin Clark PDF Thucydides' Account of the Plague as Trauma Narrative, Jenna M.

Abeyasinghe PDF The Role of Auditory Feedback for Speech Intensity Regulation in Parkinson’s Disease, Dona Abeyesekera PDF Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients Discharged Home from an Emergency Department with Acute Kidney Injury: A Population-Based Cohort Study, Rey Acedillo PDF Highly Efficient Depolymerization of Kraft Lignin (KL) and Hydrolysis Lignin (HL) via Hydrolysis and Oxidation, Zaid Ahmad PDF Identifying neuroimaging and genetic correlates of delusions and hallucinations in Alzheimer’s disease, Juweiriya Ahmed PDF Hyperactive TORC1 Sensitizes Yeast Cells to Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress by Compromising Cell Wall Integrity, Khadija Ahmed PDF Multi-frequency Electrophysiological Estimates of Auditory Temporal Acuity, Negar Ahzan PDF Microwave and Ultrasonic Assisted Synthesis of zeolites from Coal Fly Ash in Batch and Circulating Batch Operation, Tahani Hassn Aldahri PDF Post-Operative Analgesia Following Total Knee Arthroplasty: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Regional Techniques, James H.

Allen PDF Resistant Vulnerability in The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Captain America, Kristen Allison PDF Virtual Sensor Middleware: A Middleware for Managing Io T Data for the Fog-Cloud Platform, Fadi Al Mahamid PDF An Adaptive Weighted Average (WAV) Reprojection Algorithm for Image Denoising, Halimah Alsurayhi PDF Differentiating the Substantia Nigra and Ventral Tegmental Area in Early-stage Parkinson's Disease Using Iron Imaging, Erind Alushaj PDF Orchestration of machine learning workflows on Internet of Things data, Jose Miguel Alves PDF Community Based Support Group for Siblings of Children with Down Syndrome: A Pilot Study, Ashley R.

Baynes PDF HEI-OC1 Cochlear Cells as an In Vitro Model to Study the Role of Connexins in Ototoxicity and Hearing Loss, Rianne Beach PDF Enacting Occupation-Based Transformative Research through Participatory Filmmaking with Children with Disabilities, Tanya Elizabeth Benjamin PDF Development of Cellulose Nanofiber Reinforced Poly(Methyl Methacrylate), Tyler Bennett PDF STEAM Education in Ontario, Canada: A Case Study on the Curriculum and Instructional Models of Four K-8 STEAM Programs, Marja G.

Bertrand PDF Perceptions of Settlement Workers on the Needs and Challenges of Female Syrian Refugees, Sheffy Bhayee PDF Predicting and preventing traumatic brain injury: A novel computational approach, Kewei Bian PDF Corrosion Studies on Lightweight Automotive Alloys: The Effect of Microstructure and Fundamental Mechanisms, Wilfred J.

Binns PDF Examining the Relationship between Urinary Pathogens, Antibiotic Exposure and Urolithiasis, Jennifer Bjazevic PDF Exploring Young Children's Encounters with the More-Than-Human: A Multispecies Ethnography, Sarah Kathleen Black PDF Bouncing Dynamics of a Class of MEM/NEM Switching Systems, Mohamed Bognash PDF Le Bagne métropolitain et colonial dans le roman français: Genèse et structure, Mansour Bouaziz PDF Weathering the Storm: Physiological and Behavioural Responses of White-Throated Sparrows to Inclement Weather Cues, Andrea C.

Boyer PDF Examining the Neural Correlates of Vocabulary and Grammar Learning Using f NIRS, Leah Brainin PDF The Effects of Feature Verbalizablity and Indirect Feedback on Implicit Category Learning, Bailey N.


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