Ray Bradbury Technology Essay

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Using critical thinking in any form wasn’t tolerated.These characters were encouraged by one another to get some use of knowledge and critical thinking no matter what the consequences were.The fact that Montag was inspired by Clarisse to question the law and see it for what it makes a difference.

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In Fahrenheit 451 it says But our way is simpler, we think better.

All we want to do is keep the knowledge we think we will need intact and safe. For if we are destroyed, the knowledge is dead, perhaps for good (Bradbury 152).

The fears apply in the society in which they rely on what they heard, instead of what they have learned.

In addition to the novel citizens ensure that censorship will continue.

In other words, we still use knowledge as a representational toward censorship.

On the other hand, knowledge is developed through living a free life and being able to make your own decisions as people.

In this time, books and critical thinking wasn’t encouraged and it became an evil thing to do.

The society was influenced that if you betrayed the laws, you would be punished for not obeying the outlaws.

It was based on material that is considered harmful, inappropriate and controlled by the government.

In Censorship in All Seasons Eric explained that The concerns of the day, the author was living in, can provide a useful backdrop for considering society’s potential for both good and evil(Eric 3).


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