Rationale Of Research Paper

Teat ends are sanitized to prevent iatrogenic infections and contamination of the milk samples with environmental organisms. (2002) Milking cows with mastitis last in order helps prevent the spread of mastitis to other cows. (2010) Mastitis Control Programs: Bovine Mastitis and Milking Management.

Teats are sanitized from the farthest to nearest teat to limit the possibility of contamination while sanitizing. Proper vacuum and sequencing of the milking machine, as well as fit and sanitation of teat cups, limits irritation and contamination of the teats.

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Depending on your familiarity with your topic, you may need to explore background information about your topic in order to inform your research question or problem; this is preliminary research, and is often necessary to establish a foundation for continuing, more focused research.

As you peruse this preliminary research, look for questions and answers related to the who, what, where, how, and why of your topic.

Once you've laid a foundation for your topic, use the following method, modified from The TQR (topic, question, rationale) method provides motivation and focus for your research.

If you can't fill in all the components, or if you have more than one Q & R, don't worry - just thinking about these questions and rationales will help focus your research, as well as help you actively engage your research.

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