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This department would hire a competent person from outside to monitor implementation of this program to make sure that public funds are utilized in the right manner.

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For instance, in America police are known to associate the black Americans with traffic offenses on the basis of their race “driving while black”.

The first step that this group would make is allocating one of their members in all road blocks to work hand in hand with the police.

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Disclaimer: This work has been submitted by a student.This would ensure that all police officers understand racial profiling and effects to the general public.The third step is to deploy proper investigation to assess all traffic offenses to ensure that no one is victimized out of his race.There is also a way to show your creativity in the essay on racial profiling.You may play the role of the devil's advocate and support it in the essay on racial profiling.Criminal profiling as performed by corps is the confidence on a collection of features that they trust to be linked with crimes.One of the most common areas where racial profiling is practiced is on the road where police associates races with traffic crimes.Racial profiling can be defined as considering a person’s race during a criminal investigation.This is an act practiced by some law enforcers where they target persons for disbelief of a crime built on individual’s ethnicity, race nationality or origin (Burrows, 2011).This will enable the group to monitor the activities of the police at a close quota.The second step would be to recommend that the topic of racial profile be part of police training program (Griffiths, 2008).


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