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What do we tell our children when they are treated poorly?Do we not tell them to stand up and advocate for themselves? Why would we work against these ideals, simply because we do not like the message?

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Those areas have a higher rate of unemployment, leading to a lower tax base, and subsequently a poorer educational system.

To argue against the perpetual nature of racism is to suggest that race has nothing to do with a lower quality of life in America. King listened to poor, working-class Americans, recognizing that, while we had created laws to promote equality, these laws were being disregarded by the very people who created them.

If we want a post-racial society, we need to eliminate ignorance.

Civil disobedience is not our right, it is our obligation. As long as we feel the palpable beat of inequality, we cannot say that we live in a post-racial society.

I suspected that the person who used the term did not understand the dynamics of this great land, instead choosing to perpetuate an idyllic view of society.

However, nearly 50 years after the death of Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights leader who worked so hard to create a post-racial America, I cannot see how someone would suggest that it actually exists.

Young Native Americans are incarcerated in federal prisons at higher rates than any other minority racial group (Smelser and Baltes, 2001; Weich and Angulo, 2002).

And some Asian Americans, among other minority groups, have poorer access to health care services and treatments than whites (Institute of Medicine, 2003).

He showed people that, while we live in a capitalist society, not everyone had an opportunity to succeed and thrive.

Rich, old, fat, white men were running the country, repressing the values and beliefs of a strong but conscious minority.


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