Quotes On Critical Thinking

Quotes lend themselves easily to critical thinking skills, and they are as useful in the home as conversation starters as well.

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Have students vote on their favorites, and advance over time to a winner.

This is an effective home/school connection idea, as you can allow parents to vote as well.

How can teachers use quotations in class to inspire, encourage, increase motivation and develop high-level thinking skills?

This plan contains 65 quotes appropriate for classroom use listed by author of the quote, along with specific response questions for each quote.

Alternately, students can paraphrase quotes into 140 characters just on paper. Idea 19 Create a Geocache: Students or teachers can leave quotations in small notebooks or sticky note pads that they geocache. Find out more about geocaching in general and get classroom ideas here.

Idea 20 Padlet: Padlet (formerly Wallwisher) is a virtual blank wall on which people can post "notes." Teachers or students can create a board at the site on which others may post.Additionally, there is a comprehensive section on how to use quotes in the classroom in a variety of ways.Each of these is explained in the applicable section.Idea 8 Top 10 Lists: Have students compile Top 10 lists of quotations for characters in stories, people in history, or categories within the quotes themselves (top 10 quotes by people still living, top 10 quotes by Americans, top 10 quotes under 150 letters, etc.).Idea 9 Most Likely to Be Used Lists: Have students match quotations to occasions or people.Here are 20 ideas for activities students and teachers can do with quotations (either the ones here or others).Idea 1 Quote comparison: Either randomly or with deliberate intention pair quotes for comparison and contrast.What quote is most likely to be used by a person or in a certain situation?Idea 10 Yoda-cize: Have students change the syntax of a quote to match the way Yoda would say it (e.g., cannot hold a man down without staying with him you must).Idea 16 Make a visual: Have students select an image (see Idea 11 for image sources) and add the text, carefully selecting an appropriate font.Have students save the images and use them to create collages, print them to create photo albums, or use them in other projects (such as a flip book).


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