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This will help you to see what information is not relevant to your subject matter.Generally speaking, a research paper may be defined as an area of the academic origin which is concerned with its author’s quaint input to the analysis and interpretation of any subject matter in a particular field.As far as a research paper, in general, is concerned, you will find information which is suitable for any kind of a research paper.It is the closing paragraph which is aimed at summarizing the main points in a research paper.The typical question about the conclusion usually sounds like the following: can I end a research paper with a question? There are some reasons why not do this, so let’s refer to the following on how to avoid spoiling your close-to-perfection research paper.As it has been previously mentioned, there is a necessity to differentiate among various kinds of questions.If we mention an ordinary, for instance, yes/ no or wh-question, they are not appropriate due to the fact that they develop new ideas which are banned in this very part of the research paper.The academic community is concerned with any kind of a research paper since it is the material for work.As a rule, the students’ academic branch is usually linked to such research papers as a master’s thesis, a term paper or a doctoral dissertation.If you want to be logical and consequent in your research paper, pay attention to the research question specificity, novelty, originality, relevance.The paper has to be suitable for a broad scientific community.


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