Questioning Authority Essay

In a nation so closely divided politically, the divergence could make the difference between Republican and Democratic control of both the presidency—due to the Electoral College—and the House.Are there good reasons to include a citizenship question on the questionnaire?Furman has been careful not to base the opinion on the political aspects of Ross’s conduct.

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And since the demise of the infamous three-fifths clause (which counted each slave as only 60 percent of a “free person”), courts have read “respective numbers” to mean everybody, not just citizens or voters.

Congress delegated that job to the Census Bureau in the Census Act.

And it did not disclose that he had discussed the issue with Steve Bannon, the notoriously anti-immigrant Trump strategist then in the White House, and then–Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, known for his repeated false claims that noncitizens are voting in large numbers.

disclose that the bureau’s professional statisticians and career census officials were unanimous: Adding a citizenship question would make the census less accurate.

Courts are called in as referees when someone alleges that an agency’s enforcement actions don’t match the authority Congress has given it—that, in essence, the president or those who work for him or her have changed federal statutes rather than enforced them.

Read: The citizenship question isn’t quite dead yet If that question sounds simple, the answer is, “Have you ever met a statute?

Homeland Security rebuffed them; so, at first, did the Department of Justice—until Ross had a series of meetings with top officials, including then–Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

At that point, DOJ submitted a letter stating that the question would help it enforce the Voting Rights Act.

As amended over the years, it specifies both the aims of the census and the procedures to be used in creating and compiling it.

The act in particular restricts what information can be gathered, how it can be gathered, and how it can be used.


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